“Keto” Diets vs Eating Healthy Debate

Here is a good three hour discussion/debate about the using low carbs vs. more...

Joe Rogan Interview Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf

I really good episode of the Joe Rogan Experience about being a Navy SEAL,...

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Chicago PD Officers Charged for OIC

Here is a recent OIC involving Chicago PD. Both officers are being charged with...

Former Mesa Officer Travis Gribble on PTS

Recently, former Mesa Police Officer Travis Gribble was on the Cleared Hot Podcast with...

SPD Raised Pay, Kinda | Servitude Update

The Scottsdale Police Department has announced a pay increase for their officers, but how will it really work?

Commitments, Reimbursements and Servitude

To stop the exodus of police officers from Scottsdale to other agencies, they are now fining those officers up to $4,685 for violating their "commitment" to the Chief.