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Fridays With “Fired” Frank

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Someone will occasionally tell me something that is so ridiculous that it cannot possibly be true.  That’s what happened this past weekend when a former coworker informed me that a police officer we used to work with at Scottsdale PD was now featured on social media by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in a weekly video series titled “Friday’s with Frank.” 

I was then directed to a few of the videos and was completely taken aback.  Remove the person shown in the videos.  Let’s pretend I don’t know him at all.  The tone and tenor of the videos alone irritated me.  Essentially, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office is highlighting one of their employees who goes out of his way to be a jerk.  He’s patronizing.  He is overly critical.  He exhibits poor judgment in who and why he makes arrests; in short, he lacks any ability to use discretion. 

As a former cop who cares deeply about how the profession is portrayed, these videos could not be a worse optic that reinforces the public’s general belief that “all cops are assholes.” 

Now comes the shit part of this batshit story.  Frank Sloup was “fired”, errrrrrr “separated”, errrrrrrrr “decided to resign”, from not one, but two different law enforcement agencies in Arizona for integrity issues before being hired and featured by Pinal County.  In fact, he is currently on the Brady List.

The Brady List, also known as “Brady disclosure,” is a criminal justice practice that requires prosecutors to disclose any evidence or information that could be favorable to the defendant and influence the outcome of the trial. Brady v. Maryland, a landmark Supreme Court decision from 1963, established that withholding exculpatory evidence violates a defendant’s Fourteenth Amendment right to due process.

The Brady List, as it affects police, requires agencies to report cops who have a history of misconduct, dishonesty, or other credibility issues that could affect their testimony in court. Prosecutors are required to provide defense attorneys with the names of officers on the Brady List if the officer’s testimony is relevant to the case. This gives the defense the opportunity to question the officer’s credibility and potentially weaken the prosecution’s case.

Why was he fired, er, resigned from two different agencies?  He accidentally spilled a drink on his patrol car’s laptop computer while in Scottsdale.  Not just once, but twice.  But he wasn’t fired for doing something that countless other officers, including myself, have done.  When it happened again and he was questioned, he decided to lie about how the computer shorted out.  It’s not the crime that’s the problem; it’s the cover-up.  He lasted less than a year with my agency, if I recall correctly. 

I worked around him, taking a few calls for service with him.  I remember thinking that for a brand-new cop, he was an absolute fucking jerk to every citizen and criminal he interacted with, regardless of their demeanor.  I was relieved when he was fired, er, resigned. 

He managed to not only get hired by other state agencies, but he was later promoted to supervisor.  Having said that, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, like most county sheriff’s offices, has a long and storied history of hiring rejects from other agencies. 

So, how did his time there come to an end?  Wait for it… wait for it… he was caught lying.  I don’t know the specifics, but I do know that he tampered with at least one police report in order to, wait for it, avoid getting in trouble for something trivial.  Unofficially, I heard he had a history of excessive use of force, as well as questions about hours worked and overtime.  Essentially, he was faking the numbers in order to get paid.  But, once again, that’s just my opinion based on rumors.

What the hell, Pinal County?!  Not only do you hire someone who is on the Brady List and was fired, errrrrr, resigned from two different agencies due to questions of integrity, but you also put him in the spotlight as one of your organization’s faces.  A face that portrays a condescending, arrogant cop with no discretion, reinforcing all negative stereotypes of law enforcement.     

Want to see who is on the Brady List in Arizona, check the list here.

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  1. You seem to make a big deal of Mr. Sloup being placed on the AZ Brady list. But I cannot find a criteria for placement, nor removal from the list. So I have to rely on someone else’s unexplained criteria….to do what, to think poorly of the named person? That’s what you are asking me, the reader, to do.

    I can’t use that fact alone (being Brady listed) to impeach him in court. The list may be a “shame” list, or perhaps more usefully, merely an invitation to look more closely at a personnel file. Unlike you, I’m unwilling to cast people solely because someone placed them on a list. I also don’t have a bone to pick with Mr. Sloup.

  2. So sad that you have to write Something as lame as this Just to get connected to Frank Sloup WHO ist kinda famous and you are Not. I don’t know you, do you need that? Die you need the Attention? Are you really THAT jealous? VERY sad…

  3. How petty your silly little page is. “I heard a rumor Frank has a history of excessive force”, with absolutely nothing, no facts to back that up. Any validity you may have had initially in this post is tossed out the window.

    You sound jealous and sad.

  4. regardless of what is said in this article, ALL cops have good & bad qualities & it may seem like a personal hit piece on frank BUT when 99% of cops go along w/ bad ones is why we have this disconnect w/ the public as it is not easy being a cop these days but the old saying ” you signed up for this ” comes to mind , face it , the constitution has gone to the wayside on LE & most disregard why it doesn’t work on the streets but mostly in the courthouses , either way, this article is just one side of the coin & many will agree & disagree, i have had friends who ran into frank & some agree w/ this former cops assessment of frank , he’s human & he’s either hot or cold , to be humble as a cop is a rarity & we need that back, till then, the distrust for LE can be good & bad depending on situations they confront , we all want to find good in cops but when some are found to have problems is when it needs to be known , good or bad , frank is just one of millions of cops who need to take a step back & prioritize how to deal with the public & the public needs to respect what they do to keep order

  5. Brandon, its time to get a life, and move on…. I know you are jealous of Frank’s success and celebrity, but, who the F are YOU, to come here, and give this long opinionated rant? You some perfect person or officer? Just because you have never been fired or resigned, doesnt mean you are some innocent cop LOL… Why is it so hard to just be happy for Frank? Clearly, even if Frank is 100% guilty of everything you claim, Frank has turned things around and is doing a great job, with transparency. Get over yourself and your jealousy. I am sure, if I dig into your personal life and professional career, and paid an investigative journalist to upturn your life, I could easily find something… So be careful out there bud… Just enjoy your retirement…

    • Pointing out that a law enforcement officer has misconduct reports is what you consider jealousy?

      The fact that the incident information isn’t available is what’s ridiculous. Law enforcement records should be transparent, as law enforcement agencies hold people’s lives, and livelihoods, in their hands.

      The only person that sounds ridiculous, is you. You’re defending a public servant who has consistently shown that he serves his own agenda, and not the public’s.

      Camaraderie is understandable, but defending injustice borders on unlawful conduct.

      Don’t come on here with your petulant insults when you’re clearly biased toward anyone who seeks transparency in law enforcement.

      • Consistantly? First of all, these stories are rumors from someone who clearly didn’t like him. So how do you know this guys not just full of shit?

        Not only that but I guarantee you have lied to save yourself from shit at work. YATA

  6. As a 30-year retired Officer in the UK I am not happy with this either. The whole piece is based on supposition, rumour and I can’t see any actual facts anywhere other than you worked with him on a couple of shouts. You clearly do not like him and that’s no basis for attacking him in the post. I remember, in 1995 when I joined, the two high ranking officers that interviewed me were from D&C (discipline and complaints, you Internal Affairs) who stated that the more interactions you have with the public, the more complaints you will get. So maybe you served your time swerving jobs and being the second unit all the time, I don’t know. I see a lot of me in Franks attitude and it comes from experience. 99% of drivers will lie to you as soon as you speak to them, usually the first is “no I didn’t know that was the speed limit”. They lie, act dumb, blame someone else ect ect. In the interests of transparency I will post the link for this on their website and lets see if your accusations stand up to scrutiny

  7. Funny to watch all the cops and Franks friends come in here and build that thin blue line into a thick blue wall for their buddy. Hold cops accountable and stop running defense for cynical and bitter cops that are bad at their job.

  8. I smell a lot of sour grapes here. This Brandon guy sucks BIG TIME!! He was probably never fired or uh resigned because he was never caught.
    What a butt hole.

  9. Brandon. Thanks for your 21 years of service
    in a posh town of Scottsdale. I’ll assume either the wealthy people got on your nerves or you got on the nerves of your fellow officers. Either way; live and let live. Just because you didn’t get that recognition or respect that you felt you deserved or “needed”; does that give you the right to slander another officer? Just a simple observation here Brandon for no way would I risk my life in today’s society as a patrol officer;
    especially in Scottsdale!

  10. Interesting Article, the exclusionary evidence rule, was court created and a fair ruling…it was designed so that it a prosecuting attorney (The DA) if he discovered evidence that MIGHT show the innocence of a suspect (exculpatory) was discovered in the investigation….goes fro cops too, it must be disclosed.

    Example: a man is accused of murder, identified by 3 eye witnesses, knew the victim, prints are on the murder weapon, had a motive…but a hotel receipt is positively shows he was hundreds of miles away and the clerk remembers him and had him on lobby video…you can NOT FAIL to include that evidence in his case and present it in court.

    Somehow this also became a BRADY LIST for officers. An officer that lied under oath EVER, in ANY CASE, they were toast in all his cases. Not it seems to include if an officer lies in a personnel investigation. Or anytime on duty…he can make the list. I’m not condoning lying, but what the rule says is you must disclose this past thing in court…DOES NOT MEAN officer is lying about every case, or a slam dunk case in front of them. You simply have to inform the court if a defense lawyer makes a Brady Motion. As far as i know a Brady List is forever…who knows maybe soon it will contain lying to your girlfriend or wife too. But being on a Brady list is a big negative for a Law Enforcement Officer…but keep in mind, it can include things like calling in a sick day, then going to the ball game…or even staying home with the family on an anniversary. Just get caught lying on an investigation, as it seemed Frank may have.

    And what a blessing this is for defense attorneys they have warped the exclusionary rule into this, so they can throw what is usually BS, even more into the jury.

    As for how he treats people, at least in the videos, they seem to take it well, and what you call condescending, arrogant, seems more that he is not going to entertain most lame excuses and cut to the point. Other traffic officers are often robotic and often explain nothing, just write you up. Discretion, is just that, I don’t see a lack of it, just his own version of it…which is DISCRETION. That is the other side of the spectrum I suppose. Brandon everyone has a different style, and as you know the job can be very routine and boring at times. I bet most of franks violators remember his stops and him a lot longer than most other officers and that can go a long way to controlling bad driving habits…I think he makes a great combination of education and enforcement, which with the other “E” is what its all about.

    • Way to be a cuck for bad cops. Police should absolutely be held to the highest of high standards. A cop lies once, just once on the stand it could be what sends an innocent person to jail for 50 years for a crime they didn’t commit. So yes, when a cop lies it should be big news. If you can’t trust the officer to do the right thing when people aren’t looking, or even when they are, how can you trust that person to give honest, trustworthy testimony when sworn on the stand. You can say all the day long that this practice has “warped the exclusionary rule”, when what you’re really saying is “I’m pissed that bad cops are being held to account by the people that they’re supposed to protect.”.

          • Show me proof of this… Oh wait, you cant… Frank’s Brady record is BS.. The Brady List in general is BS, and everyone knows… There is not ONE ounce of proof ANY of this happened.

  11. I find this whole thing really disgusting. At least 25% of your homepage is about Frank Sloup. Sheesh! It’s obvious there’s something personal going on here. Further, when I tried to follow the Brady List links, they’re just a loop that go nowhere and show no actual information or facts. If he wasn’t decertified by POST, it’s because he didn’t deserve to be so not sure where you’re going with that.

    With 32 years in law enforcement, I saw the days when fellow cops and cops themselves were harder on each other than anyone else ever could be. It’s one reason why we have a high suicide rate. I’ve seen it with fellow LEO’s a few times. Then, beginning a few years back, with protests against LE, etc., where we all paid for the errors of a few, we saw our communities turn on us and now no one wants to be a cop.

    Transparency in LE has come a long way in very recent years as some departments are now posting their completed IA’s on line complete with reports, photos and videos. It takes time to get all these things on line, and develop a system with which to do that. Perhaps you could put your energy into being a consultant for a company who brings those types of applications on line.

    I somehow stumbled upon your page talking about LEO’s being fired, etc. Now you’ve posted an article about a Cottonwood Police Chief being fired. Just a recommendation but maybe include an About Me section on your page instead of having to read through all these comments to see you were LE for 21 years.

    Also, the gaming crap…I mean what kind of page is this? I remember writing reports, booking evidence, etc., when a fellow officer sat and played games on his computer. If you want to do a gaming site, do that, but the two don’t really go together…just sayin’.

    My mom is a Florence, AZ resident. She and her neighbors know who Frank is; they see him doing his job, they think he is a great cop and they think he is quite funny as do I. I am thankful cops like Frank Sloup are in my moms neighborhood and there to protect the citizens of Pinal County.

    I am disappointed in you, Brandon. Why is your energy channeled in a negative way toward our law enforcement brothers and sisters? Some cops are known for being constant complainers. It is the pain and the hurt from your career which makes you strike out against law enforcement in this manner. I challenge you to take the energy you are putting into casting a negative light on our profession and DO SOMETHING positive to help make advancements in law enforcement. Right now, you’re just like everyone else and that’s pretty damn sad. Good luck to you.

    • Support the blue, till it happens to you. It happened to me!!!!!! They paid me $450,000 for the privilege of beating me up im my front yard for no reason. These were all “good cops”, who beat my ass and threw me in the back of a cop car while I was having a coronary (heart attack).

      • At least you got paid for it. There’s plenty of people who get their ass beat and get $0 and even fines. Its sad what most of these cops do or did before bodycams were a thing and cameras are everywhere nowadays and it still happens way too often. But regardless its sad you had to go through that. On top of that I’m sure it was 1v20 in their minds they’re always so scared even though they have guns and there is 20 of them.

  12. It’d be really sweet if the author of this article had the character to approach Frank & request an interview with him on these things to get his take on these issues, and give him an opportunity to address not only his past, but have an opportunity to address Brandon Sullivan’s concerns. He could start his pitch with, “Hey, Frank, I’m the guy that slandered you with hearsay, would you be willing to do an interview about your past? I’m impartial, I promise!”

    Bringing up hearsay about another’s past without giving them the opportunity to address it with you is the verbal equivalent of a drive-by shooting.

  13. I appreciate your article, although I wish the evidence/facts against Frank Sloup were more publicly available on the offense reasoning/details.

    Frank is a tyrant yet people here in these comments and on several videos praise Frank as a hero. They just glance over the fact he has lied and has integrity issues, because he’s a dick to some criminals, and they like that? I don’t know honestly. It’s not hard to see how far off the rails he can be, and the fact he’s lied about stuff he did himself just leads me to ask, what else would he lie about? I don’t trust him at all and I think we need some kind of better certification process for police officers, the whole “resigned” thing is an annoying loophole that really needs to be closed.

  14. My problem with this article are the following words or phrases. “I don’t know the specifics”, “unofficially “, and my personal favorite “my opinion based on rumors”. You don’t even know if he was err fired, err resigned , or even err transferred. Come on surely as a LEO you know better than that.

  15. You say your piece is all about “facts”, yet you make quite a few statements like “Unofficially, I heard he had a history of excessive use of force, as well as questions about hours worked and overtime. Essentially, he was faking the numbers in order to get paid. But, once again, that’s just my opinion based on rumors.” That sounds like hearsay with the only intent of denigrating the name of another LEO. If you don’t have firsthand knowledge, should you really be sharing it if you want to be considered so upright and moral?

    You also say repeatedly that he was “was fired, errrrrrr ‘separated’, errrrrrrrr ‘decided to resign'”, and “Why was he fired, er, resigned” and “Why was he fired, er, resigned” as well as “I was relieved when he was fired, er, resigned” and “someone who is on the Brady List and was fired, errrrrr, resigned from two different agencies”. Even the title of your article says “FRIDAYS WITH ‘FIRED’ FRANK”. If he was fired, say he was fired. If he resigned, have the balls to say he resigned. The fact that you’re saying he was fired, would indeed be considered slander and libelous if he actually resigned.

    Hopefully Frank sees this and decides to consult with an attorney over your post. But I doubt he will. I doubt he would disrespect a former LEO as much as you disrespect a current LEO.

    • I can only report on what I have access to. I know he was separated from Scottsdale PD for an “integrity” issue having to do with damaged equipment. My former agency, like many agencies across the country, do this thing where instead of firing a cop, they force the person to resign with a carrot and stick approach. Instead of firing on grounds, they tell the employee they will allow him to resign and not go after his AZPOST certification, if they resign quietly. That way the cop can move on to work somewhere else and the employer can avoid the legal ramifications of terminating an employee. My understanding is that he resigned to avoid a termination, but I don’t know all the facts. Why, because the details of IA files are not open to the public, only HR files, which is a transparency issue for law enforcement. Scottsdale did submit a review of his AZPOST certification to the board, which they decided not to take action (case #02-54).

      I don’t know about the MSCO issues either, outside of what little information MSCO will release to the public. What they did release was that he left the organization after issues with over reporting the hours he worked and, after being confronted about it, attempted to alter a document to correct the error. The actions surrounding his leaving MSCO landed him on the Brady List (Brady Offense No. 1632168525 – 1704088618). His actions also resulted in an attempt by MSCO to have is AZPOST Certification removed in December 2017 (case #17-148), in which AZPOST decided not to revoke his certification due to actions already take against him by his agency.

      So, I don’t know exactly how he was ultimately separated from both Scottsdale PD and MSCO. This practice of “passing the lemons” is what we called it in Scottsdale, where instead of actually firing an employee for integrity issues, they allowed them to resign quietly, and then the agency remains quiet as a person was hired somewhere else. It appears to be what happened with Sloup, thus the reason “Fired” are in quotes.

      But, if you leave different agencies under circumstances that attempt have your AZPOST certification revoked (fact: Case #02/54 and Case #17-148) and get you placed on the Brady List (fact: Brady Offense No. 1632168525 – 1704088618) you probably did not leave those organizations on your own accord. FACT: your agency would not retain your employment while at the same time attempting to have your certification revoked. Having a cop work for you that, legally, can no longer be a cop would be a counterproductive move, right? The larger issue for AZ law enforcement is why would Pinal County SO then hire him a third time knowing his checkered history? And, why would PCSO then use an employee on the Brady List, having left two other agencies in the state, as the face of their organization on social media?

      • You start with “I can only report on what I have access to” but yet you “report” on things you’ve *heard*.
        And we all know some people resign because they are forced to. But it doesn’t change the fact that they resigned. If he was fired, you can say he was fired. But to say he was “fired, err resigned” shows nothing but bias.

        • That is why I said those allegations were unofficial. But the discrepancies in time worked surrounding the DUI and off-duty work is mentioned in AZPOST Case #17-148. But he was separated from MSCO because of the altering of an official document and then not being truthful about it, which were the findings placed before the board to have his certification revoked/suspended. As for the excessive use of force and unlawful detention, he does have, and has had, a number of civil lawsuits against him for those things. They are public records as well: Emerson v. Maricopa County, Gordon vs Sloup and at least one more while he has worked for Pinal County. Understanding that civil lawsuits against officers are not unheard of, when you see an officer that has had at least three of them filed against him, which don’t involve an officer involved shooting, that can be a red flagged. I worked 21 years in LE, had my share of contacts and violent encounters and never had a lawsuit filed against me. Now, a number of officers I worked with had (removing shooting-related cases) and my experience is that those guys always being sued, tended to be those quick to use force, and more importantly, didn’t act professionally during those incidents. They can all be BS, I don’t know. What I can say is that I don’t know if I can remember a single officer I worked with having three or more civil lawsuits files against them that didn’t involve an OIS and were just from standard interactions/arrest. And my position still holds, if you resign in lieu of termination, your employment was still terminated. That’s the norm in LE. You quit to avoid a termination so you might try to work for another agency. 99% of the cops that were forced out of Scottsdale left by resignation with the understanding that if they did not, the termination process would be started against them.

          • Your explanations are not backed up with hard facts sir, they are your opinions and too many “sorta-kinda” comments. If your goal is to save the world from a bad LEO, go gather all the public records at the 2 counties and present them in order.

          • Internal Affair investigations reports are not subject to public records requests. You cannot obtain the actual reports. All that is open to the public in terms of AI investigations are the findings, which show the allegation and the outcome (sustained, unsustained, unfounded, etc.). That is by design and something that should be fixed. In some agencies, the officers involved in the investigations themselves are sometimes not allowed to the the final report. That’s how it was in my agency. You can FIO the Human Resource records or personnel records of a police officer. That will only list the the general allegation and the outcome, but no details. That is by design. You can also go to AZPOST’s website and see the audit of an officer. It will only show you if “Misconduct”, was noted in the past. You can look up the minutes of AZPOST discipline boards to get limited details of why AZPOST was reviewing to have a police officer’s certification revoked or suspended. So, here are the two case AZPOST was given to have Sloup’s certification revoked or suspended:

            AZPOST Case 02-54 – dealing with his time at Scottsdale
            AZPOST Case 17-148 – dealing with his time at MSCO

            You can also look up limited details about why he was put the Brady List: Brady Offense No. 1632168525 – 1704088618
            You can also go to the Maricopa County Court’s website and look up the various civil lawsuits filed against Sloup: Emerson v. Maricopa County No. 07-CV-1047-PHX-NVW, Gordon vs Sloup, and others.

            Now, cops having frivolous civil lawsuits are nothing new. But when they start of add up, that’s an issue. I worked 21 years at one agency. I never had a civil lawsuit against me. I never had my certification submitted to AZPOST for suspension or revocation (he did x2). I was never placed on the Brady List. Over the past 20 years there have been approximately 20,000 people that have worked as police officers in Maricopa County. Only 1,800 are currently on the Brady List. The vast, vast majority are no longer police officers. There are only a handful of those on the list that will work as police officers. He is one of a super small sample of current police officers on the Brady List in the state.

  16. Really glad im not the only one that thinks the autbor is coming off as pretentious. Im not sure what videos youre watching, but frank does not come off as arrogant. Sure does he do what a lot of other cops do? Of course, which is why he has the show. Im not sure if you know this, but the media doesnt show when cops do good or they do every day duties. Police have a pr problem, which isnwhy he has a show. For the most part frank is juvial and professional with the civilians. Ive not seen one where i thought he was unprofessional. The brady listing cab be hit or miss. Theyve added officers for some pretty ticky tack stuff. It happens without due process as well. You should ask frank why he was added, instead of another officer. May give you better insight.

  17. I’m a cop as well, and reading this post makes the author seem like such an asshole despite saying he hates when other cops are assholes. If you didn’t want to come across as one, don’t write a post slandering a man (who may have had a rocky past) for finding something in LE that he’s good at. You of all people know your past doesn’t always define your future.

    • Are you condoning the often too familiar practice of having a police officer fired or pushed out of one agency, only to be allowed to get hired by another? Do you see it as a net lose or net gain for the profession as a whole? I see it as a net loss. I don’t think it should be allowed to happen. If you are removed from a LE job for an integrity issue and placed on the Brady List, that should be the end of your police career. And in this case, not only is he working again in LE after two removals for integrity issues, but he is being used as the public face for the organization. How do you think that looks to the general public. Does is enforce many people’s belief that cops take care of their own despite knowing serious issues with a fellow officer? I think it does. Finally, slander is providing false information or lies about a person. A simple FIO request to both Scottsdale PD and DPS HR, as others have already done, show nothing is false. He was forced to leave two different LE organizations before landing at a third. Not to mention landing on the Brady List in Maricopa County because they were integrity related. Having a “rocky past” means you might have had issues in FTO. You might have a number of IA complaints. You don’t play nice with others. Being removed/fired twice is beyond rocky. It’s more like a boulder. You are right, the past does not necessarily define your future, but in my experiences, past action often defines future behavior. But thanks for reading and posting. Be safe out there.

      • where is your proof? because you have not giving any. All you gave was some fake Brady List made with datawrapper. and this is what it says below when you click on it lol “With Datawrapper, you can create visualizations like the one above in minutes instead of hours! It’s free to use and no sign-in is needed to try it out yourself.” oh wait how did i click on a image i do my research. 😉


  18. All we to know about the author is “As a former cop”. Speaks volumes. Yeah we had one of those “As a former cop” people. Now he’s Los Angeles DA Gascon. And we all know what a lying piece of trash he is. Albeit the Brady list thing is disconcerting. Your momma should have taught you if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.

  19. Officer Frank is AWESOME! He actually shows what’s wrong in SOCIETY. Cops need to stop coddling everyone and get straight to the point and give some tough love. Officer Frank does that and does it beautifully. All this article sounds like to me is jealousy.

    • Here are the facts. I retired after a 21 year law enforcement career. I was never terminated/forced to resign from a police department, once, yet alone twice during my career. Both times, his separation from his police department involved a level in untruthfulness. Thus, why he was placed on the Brady List in Maricopa Country, where he continues to sit today. Therefore, he had to seek employment in a different county to avoid Brady List issues. I’m far from jealous. I take in a nice retirement and positioned myself during my LE career for a lucrative career after I left LE. What you see him do in his videos is what every cop does everyday. He’s doing nothing special.

      • Mr. Sullivan,
        Thank you for your service.
        Personally degrading the hard work & credentials of a brother LEO is not very kind of you. I realize Deputy Frank is on the Brady List but the crime that placed him onto it doesn’t justify your pettiness when compated to all the positive accomplishments he has accomplished.

        Below is a link discribing Deputy Frank Sloup’s professional background.


        • His accomplishments on Linkedin are AMAZING. Curious, when you make a resume or Linkedin profile, would you add to it facts like having you professional certification submitted for suspension or revocation, not once, but twice? How about if you were ever asked to leave a job? How about being put on the police naughty list? All of his credentialing info and career audit is public information, as is the general circumstances surrounding attempts to remove his AZPOST credentials. It’s that way for law enforcement transparency. Same with the Brady List. There should be more transparency in my opinion. Try to find the specific details of any misconduct allegation for a police officer in the state of AZ. Details are almost impossible to find, even with a FIO request.

          • Brandon, It’s refreshing to se a former LEO giving that tough love that Apryl Cook was so insistent upon providing. I’m sure she’ll cower back to wanting Sloup to be coddled in defense the truth. Apryl, one question: Why do attorney driven ‘Naughty lists’ make you so uncomfortable? Why would you want less transparency in government? I have only know one fact in life, ‘those that tend to side with our oppressors, seek to hide their inner tyranny’. You may have things to hide yourself, or you may just enjoy being told what to do, but not all of us are bootlickers and not all of us throw our freedoms and rights out the door to cover for a person wearing a uniform just because. Read a book or two, learn the laws and our history, there are so many fascinating avenues of the justice system and social justice in general that will astonish you and open your eyes to what is currently wrong with our Law Enforcement today.

        • It’s not an issue about severity (or lack of) that I think brandon is emphasizing. Once someone shows that they will falsify documents, or just flat out lie to you regardless of the format, to avoid anything from a scrutinizing lecture to the other extreme, and risk their credibility while being any part of the criminal justice system should raise a warning flag for everyone. It should apply to most parts of your life to varying degrees I feel. For instance, say you are in a God approved heterosexual monogamous chaste premarital relationship (the qualifiers are a joke given the unfortunate typical bipartisan leanings in these things) but you’re in a relationship and that person intentionally lies to you in just about any capacity-do you continue to completely trust them and excuse it away?- Trust and credibility are so important because once they’re compromised even the slightest it’s foolish to not question their integrity and for dang sure a very hard sell to a judge and jury.

          If someone lies to you as you’re building a relationship…toss em out like an immigrant without papers…and avoid the inevitable problems.

          (Another joke courtesy of typical standard bipartisan issues)

          I think the writer of the article/blog is a touch harsh but nothing overtly so regarding the guy’s verified /confirmed offenses…but the wink and a nod off the record but let me tell you what believe you me nonsense about some very serious infractions-when coming from someone many people will assume is in the know based on the presentation of it and given work experience cited -is just flat out a punk move reeking of tabloid nonsense

  20. The author of this hit piece is liberal little Beach. What’s the matter, couldn’t daddy fix your ignorance when you got a ticket. Sack up boy.


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